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Informational Packet

Click to download: Thalassemia Support Foundation Packet

Informational Brochure

Click to download: Thalassemia Support Foundation Brochure

Quick Thalassemia Facts

Click to download: Quick Thalassemia Facts

1st Thalassemia Support Foundation Conference

This event was for patients, parents, loved ones, and members of the medical community to learn about the new oral chelator, Exjade, along with other important topics in the Thalassemia community. Guest speakers include Dr. Thomas Coates, Dr. Punam Malik, and Susan Carson, R.N. Read the rest of this entry »

Care for Adult Thalassemics

by Laurice Levine, MA, CCLS
Thalssemia Outreach Coordinator
Children’s Hospital and Research Center at Oakland

(Click here to see Laurice’s talk at the 8th Cooley’s Anemia Symposium)

Thalassemia is a rare and complex disease which in the past took the lives of children prior to their teenage years. Thankfully, due to improved technology and medical advances, the lifespan for thalassemics now extends into adulthood. Consequently, serious consideration must now be given to adult care.
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Ice Cream Social

This was our first event at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), and we were excited to be able to meet the patients, parents, and staff at the hospital.

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