Conquer Palomar Bike Ride

Cyclysm Adventures generously contributed $500 from the companies inaugural ride, Conquer Palomar. Over 130 riders participated in Conquer Palomar, Palomar Mountain’s first organized ride. The riders got to choose from 32, 50, and 62 mile routes, all with fantastic scenery. This ride took the bikers on the little known roads of San Diego County’s scenic back country. They enjoyed an idyllic rural setting along with great views of Lake Henshaw and for those who did the 62 mile ride, they saw Mount Palomar’s world famous observatory.

Paul DiLorenzo (President), Carmen DiLorenzo (Chairman of the Fundraising Committee), and other volunteers helped at sign-up and the aid stations throughout the ride. We were able to give the bikers food, water, drinks, and energy bars to help them through this torturous ride. Volunteers talked with the riders about Thalassemia and the Thalassemia Support Foundation. A good time was enjoyed by all.


Takagi Industrial Co.

Casey’s Concrete

Rossetti Construction

New Path Investment

DiLorenzo Bros., Inc.

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