Shades of Gray

by Marientina Gotsis

I was born with beta thalassemia trait. My father carries the gene. My brother carries the gene. Half of my dad’s family also carries the gene but my parents did not know my father had thalassemia until they had to test in order to get a marriage license. This was before separation of church and state in Greece and the church required genetic screening. The mystery behind my father’s endless craving for steak and sleep was solved.

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Patient’s Perpective: Uncommon Threads

by Abby Thorelson 

Whether you are meeting a new thalassemia patient for the first time or picking up where you left off with one from last year, there is an instant deep connection that ties us to each other. Some may see it as an affliction, but I am beginning to see it as a special mark that inspires us to strive to be extraordinary rather than to settle for mediocrity.

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From a Parent’s Perspective

by Vincie DiLorenzo 

Paul was diagnosed with thalassemia major when he was four months old. At that time, he looked pale, but otherwise appeared to be healthy. Blood tests would prove otherwise.

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