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For those you weren’t able to attend our 6th TSF Conference at CHLA, we are posting Dr. Coates Talk Slides. Enjoy!

Project Violet

The scientists at Project Violet are creating a new category of drug candidates specifically for rare diseases. These peptide drug candidates are 10-20 times larger than most drugs, which make them ideal for interacting with the proteins that cause most diseases that are currently considered incurable. The team set a goal of reducing the cost of drug discovery by 10-fold and reducing the time from screening to human trials by 5-fold. You can help this team simply by watching the following music video, which underscores the importance of this work. A generous family will donate $1 per view up to $100,000 to create resources for scientists working on various rare diseases.

Thalassemia App

Curatio and the Thalassemia International Federation, created a free private mobile social networking app for Thalassemia patients called ThaliMe. This app connects patients with each other through a specific matchmaking process, allowing them to create their own network of Thalassemia patients of their own choosing. There is also a medtracker feature on it with all the Thalassemia medications! Please check it out and share it with your fellow Thalassemia friends.

You can download it here:

Or find out more information here:


The Thalassemia Support Foundation (TSF) is a non-profit organization that was founded by patients, parents, and friends affected by Thalassemia. Our primary goal is to help improve the quality of life for all patients with this terrible disease. And with your help and support, we can make that a reality!